Filing, delivering, and storing tax returns

Alerts and notices

UltraTax CS enables you to easily file returns, send them to clients, and then store them electronically. The following information can direct you to the precise information you need to efficiently complete the task at hand.

Filing and delivering returns

Whether you electronically file returns or send returns in the mail, UltraTax CS enables you to prepare returns for filing and delivering, from reviewing and previewing returns, to choosing the collation and print options, to selecting which client's returns you want to file.

The following links provide access to common tasks associated with filing and delivering tax returns.

Storing client return information

After you file and deliver tax returns, you can print copies of the return and store them in a physical filing cabinet, or you can store electronic versions of tax returns in File Drawer, FileCabinet CS (if licensed), or GoFileRoom(if licensed). For more information see, Storing UltraTax CS documents and Viewing FileCabinet CS documents from within UltraTax CS.

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