Renumbering a client's Chart of Accounts

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Accounting CS now enables you to renumber a client's account numbers en masse via the Edit Multiple Accounts dialog in the Setup > Chart of Accounts or Actions > Enter Trial Balance screens.

  1. From the Setup > Chart of Accounts or Actions > Enter Trial Balance screen, choose Edit > Edit Multiple Accounts.
  2. In the Edit Multiple Accounts dialog, select Renumber accounts from the Information to edit field and then click Enter to open the Renumber Account Numbers dialog.
  3. In the Identification section, select the segment to renumber. By default, the accounts grid includes only active accounts for the selected client, but you can mark the Include inactive checkbox to include all accounts.

    Note: You can filter the accounts that are displayed in the grid by using the filter fields at the top of the dialog. For information about filtering data in screens, see the Searching and filtering data procedure.

  4. To take the same action for all accounts in the grid, use the Action section to select the logic to apply, specify the values and parameters, and click the Apply button.
    • None - for manually entering numbers in the grid or for copying and pasting account numbers into the grid.
    • Increment by* - for incrementing account numbers by a specific number. Enter the increment in the Amount field and then enter the account number to start with in the Beginning account number field.
    • Increase by / Decrease by* - for increasing or decreasing the account numbers by a specific amount.
    • Multiply by / Divide by* - for multiplying or dividing the account numbers by a specific number.
    • Find / Replace - for finding any string of characters in an account or segment code and replacing it with another string.

    * For these logic options, if the account numbers include alphabetic characters, the application increments only the numeric portion.

  5. Click the Enter button to renumber the accounts.
  6. To view a diagnostic report that displays the original account number and the new renumbered account number for each account that was renumbered, click the Preview Diagnostic button. To print the report, click the Print Diagnostic button.
  7. Click Done to return to the Edit Multiple Accounts dialog.

Note: Only those accounts that are currently displayed in the Accounts grid are updated when you click Enter to apply an update. This is also true when a filter is applied via the Filter field at the top of the dialog.

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