Introducing Accounting CS Client Access to your clients

Alerts and notices

If you feel that your clients can benefit from the many advantages of using Accounting CS in their businesses, we offer several resources to help your firm showcase Accounting CS Client Access. You can customize these resources to complement your firm’s unique service offerings. You can also demonstrate the power and benefits of using the application that you use in your own firm by setting up a demonstration portal, free of charge and risk free.

Marketing resources

Sample clients

If you would like to show your clients the powerful features of Accounting CS and demonstrate how it can help them with the bookkeeping and payroll tasks in their businesses, you can set up a sample client using any of the following methods.

Help & How-To Center

Our Help & How-To Center offers quick access to the information you need while using Accounting CS. From this one location, you can find details on new features, procedures for completing tasks, tips for increasing productivity or troubleshooting issues, alerts about timely issues, and more. Here are just a few help topics that will help you set up a sample client.