Adding reporting units for work locations

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Certain states (currently Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, and Minnesota) require some employers to separate employee wages based on work locations and they assign a reporting unit code for each location. You can enter these reporting unit codes in the Client Locations dialog. When work locations are assigned to employee records, wages that the employee earns in a particular work location become associated with the assigned reporting unit code and will display appropriately on state withholding forms.

To have state withholding forms separate wages for employees by reporting unit, follow these steps.

  • Choose Setup > Clients, select the client, click Edit, and then click the Locations button.
  • In the Client Locations dialog, add work locations if necessary. Otherwise, edit any existing locations as follows.
  • In the Reporting unit field, enter the reporting unit code and then save your changes.
  • Choose Setup > Employees. In the Locations and departments section of the Main tab, use the grid to select the locations/departments that are active for this employee, and then save your changes.
  • Enter your payroll checks, specifying how many hours the employee worked for each location, and then process payroll as usual.
  • When it is time to process payroll tax forms, you can view the amounts listed for each reporting unit in the Reporting Unit column of the Employee Data tab if the Actions > Edit Payroll Tax Forms screen.
  • If the employee works in multiple locations, See Detail displays in the Reporting Unit column. Click the Ellipsis button at the end of the row to open the Reporting Unit Wages dialog, which lists all the reporting units that are applicable to that employee, as well as the Gross SUI and Taxable SUI amounts associated with each reporting unit.
  • The application creates an additional tab for each reporting unit number. Click the tabs to show the wages that are to be reported for each reporting unit.
  • Either click the Process Forms button, or open the Actions > Process Payroll Tax Forms screen to continue processing the forms.

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