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Use the Client Locations dialog to add work locations for a client. One location must be specified as the primary location, but you can add an unlimited number of alternate locations for this client. All new employees for the client will default to the primary location and the address information in the Main tab of the Clients screen will reflect the primary location address information.

The application uses the locations to determine the taxes and taxable wages on any earnings entered for employees in that location. However, when a client (or employee) physically resides at one address but chooses to receive mail at another address or to use a PO box, Accounting CS calculates taxes on earnings entered based on the client (employee) address for which the Taxing (or Resident) address checkbox is marked. When calculating taxes for payroll tax forms, the application uses the client's business address.

The application uses the client's mailing address for reports, checks, invoices, etc. and the employee's mailing address for sending employee forms (W-2s, 1099s, etc.).

Choose Setup > Clients. In the Addresses section of the Main tab, click the Locations button.

Fields & buttons

  • Description. Enter a unique description for this location in the Description field.
  • Reporting unit. Certain states (currently Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, and Minnesota) assign a reporting unit code for work locations. Use this field to enter the reporting unit number that applies to this work location. (See Adding reporting units for work locations).
  • Primary location. If this is the primary location for the client, mark this checkbox. When this checkbox is marked, all new employees for the client will default to the primary location and the address information in the Main tab of the Clients screen will reflect the primary location address information.

Enter the client's address(es).

  • You can enter three addresses - Business, Home, or Other - by clicking the Selection Selection button button to select one of the options.
  • Use the Address verification feature (click the Location finder button button) to enter the city and state or ZIP code.
  • Specify an address as the mailing address by marking the Mailing address checkbox.
  • If this address is the one that should be used for taxing purposes, mark the Taxing address checkbox.
  • If this address is an Ohio location, the Municipality field in the Addresses section is replaced with a JEDD/JEDZ field, which you can use to indicate that the work location is subject to a Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) or Joint Economic Development Zone (JEDZ) tax instead of the tax that would otherwise be associated with the address entered in this section.
  • If your firm processes International ACH Transaction files for this client, all fields in the Addresses section should be completed. If a bank account that is set up to pay a direct deposit allocation with the International format specifies the Origin name as Client name and these address fields are not completed, the application will display an error message prompting you to enter valid information in these fields. Entries in the State and ZIP fields are required only for those countries to which they apply.

Enter the phone and fax number information for the client. You can enter multiple contact phone numbers by clicking the Selection Selection button button.

Enter the client's email address and website URL, if appropriate.

Note: Once information has been entered, clicking the Email Email button will open your default email client with this address in the To: line and clicking the Website Website button button will automatically open the specified website using your default browser.

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