Setting up fees for a client

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When you set up your firm's clients, you can use the Setup > Clients > Billing tab to select the applicable fees to bill to the client.

After you set up the fees that your firm uses in the Setup > Firm Information > Billing Items screen, follow these steps to select applicable fees for a client.

  1. Choose Setup > Clients and click the Billing tab.
  2. Select the appropriate client from the client list.
  3. In the Billing Options section, mark any of the checkboxes that apply to this client's invoices.
    • To have the application create any GL entries and associated liabilities immediately when the fee is created, mark the Create fees as final checkbox. (See Creating fees as final.)
    • To have the application exclude any tax agent checks when billing this client, mark the Exclude tax agent transactions from billing checkbox.
    • To have the application assign this client's fees to another client for invoicing, mark the Bill to other client checkbox and then select that other client in the Client drop-down list.
  4. In the Discount Information section, enter any discount information applicable to the client. Note that these fields refer to the client's invoice in general and not to any specific fee. To exclude a fee from the discount information in this section, unmark the Disc checkbox for that item in the Fee Selection grid.
  5. If the client's fees are subject to sales taxes, enter the applicable information in the Sales Tax Information grid. The drop-down list in the Taxing Authority column includes all taxing authorities to which this client is potentially subject. Mark the Exempt checkbox if the client is exempt from the sales tax.
  6. In the Fee Selection section, select all fees that apply to the client. The Description drop-down list includes all fees that were set up for the firm in the Setup > Firm Information > Billing Items screen.
  7. In the GL Distributions section, select the appropriate GL account numbers from the drop-down lists in each of the fields.
  8. Click Enter to save the billing information for this client.

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