Account balance export to GoSystem Tax RS (Export Client Data Wizard)

Use the Export Client Data Wizard to export client tax data to GoSystem Tax RS application from Accounting CS. Specify the export file and select the tax year to export.

Choose File > Export > Client Data.


  • The export data is created and saved as an ASCII file, as required by GoSystem Tax RS.
  • If a file of the same name already exists in the specified location for the export file, the application overwrites the existing file.
  • If a tax year is selected for which client data does not exist, the export file is created but includes only header information.

Screens, fields, and buttons in the wizard

Source Data

Select a client from the drop-down list in the Client name field, or (to select multiple clients) mark the Perform batch export of client data checkbox.

To select multiple clients for the data export, mark the checkbox and then click Next. In the Source Data - Clients screen, mark the checkbox for each client to include for the export.

Enter the path or browse to the client data file. (The default data file location can be defined in the Export Data tab of the Setup > File Locations dialog.)

Specify the tax year to export by selecting it from the drop-down list.

Source Data - Clients

Mark the checkbox for each client to be included with the export. (The application will create a single export file for each selected client.) Click Next to begin the export.

Export Complete

The application automatically displays a summary of the information included in the export files: Accounts, Description, Tax Code, Beginning Balance, and Ending Balance.

To print the diagnostic information, click the Print button.

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