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Use the following procedures to transfer general ledger account balances, tax code information, and journal entry detail from an Accounting CS client into the client's database within GoSystem Tax RS (v.12-2 and higher). The export file (XML format) contains Accounting CS tax codes that are automatically mapped to the corresponding Tax Return Codes and M-3 Return codes when they are imported.

The tax code assignments that you make in Accounting CS for specific general ledger accounts enable GoSystem Tax RS to carry account balances to the proper lines on the appropriate tax forms.

If you use method 1 below, verify that the data paths are set up correctly in both applications prior to transferring account balances from Accounting CS to GoSystem Tax RS.

For Accounting CS: Choose Setup > File Locations > Export tab to set up file locations for GoSystem Tax RS and other applications.

Use these procedures to transfer a client's general ledger account balances from Accounting CS to GoSystem Tax RS.

Pre-import steps in Accounting CS

Assign the appropriate tax codes for the selected client. You can enter these codes in either of the following screens.

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Two methods for integrating with GoSystem Tax RS

  • Method 1: (Intended for use in, but not limited to Accounting CS in the Virtual Office CS environment.) Manually create the export file via the Export Client Data wizard in Accounting CS and then import the file into GoSystem Tax RS.
  • Method 2: Initiate the generation of the export file from Accounting CS within GoSystem Tax RS, and then import the client data.

Method 1: Steps in Accounting CS to create the export file.

  1. Choose File > Export > Client Data.
  2. In the Export Client Data Wizard, select the client from the drop-down list or mark the Perform batch export of client data checkbox to select multiple clients. (You can choose multiple clients on the next screen when this checkbox is marked.)
  3. Select GoSystem Tax from the drop-down list in the Export to program field.
  4. Enter the path or browse to the client data file. (The default data file location for each export type can be defined in the Export Data tab of the Setup > File Locations dialog.)
  5. Specify the tax year of the data to be exported by selecting it from the F4 drop-down list.
  6. For a single client export: Click the Export button to create the export file for the selected client, and then view or print the Tax Export Diagnostics report.
  7. For batch export: Click Next to select multiple clients for batch processing, and then click the Export button to create the export files for the selected clients and view or print the Tax Export Diagnostic report.

Steps in GoSystem Tax RS to transfer the export file from Accounting CS.

  1. Open the client locator and choose Access > Trial Balance.
  2. From the Trial Balance window, choose File > Import.
  3. In the Import dialog, select the Audit Package option and the CS Professional Suite option, and then click the Import button.
  4. Specify the path and file name of the XML file that you saved to the location on your local hard drive in step 4 of the section above, mark the checkbox for each type of item to import into GoSystem Tax RS, and specify the type of balances to import.
  5. Click the Import button

Method 2: Steps in GoSystem Tax RS to request the generation of the export file from Accounting CS.

  1. Open the client in GoSystem Tax RS and choose File > Import > from Accounting CS.
  2. In the Creative Solutions Import Wizard, browse to the location of the Accounting CS application files (for example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Creative Solutions\Accounting CS or C:\Program Files (x86)\Creative Solutions\Workpapers CS).
  3. In the bottom section of the Creative Solutions Import wizard, highlight the Accounting CS client whose balances you want to import, and click Next.

    Note: If there are no clients listed in Creative Solutions Import wizard, verify that the locations of the program files are specified correctly.

  4. Mark the checkbox for each type of item to import into GoSystem Tax RS.
  5. Specify the type of balances to import and click Next.
  6. After the import is complete, choose Options > Merge Now in the GoSystem Trial Balance so that balances can flow into the Tax Forms within the application. 
  7. Click the Finish button.


  • When importing amounts for the Schedule M-3 in GoSystem Tax RS, balances must be imported as adjusted balances. The amounts for columns B and C are calculated based on the Tax Adjustment journal entries that are entered in the Accounting CS client. If the amounts for columns B and C are incorrect, the import file used by GoSystem Tax RS may need to be updated. To force an update of the file, open the client in Accounting CS, and then import again.
  • Integration with Accounting CS is available with GoSystem Tax RS v.12-2 and higher.

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