Payroll agent overview

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In Accounting CS, you can link Payroll Agent vendors to deduction and employer contribution items. These vendors receive the liability amounts for any non-tax item that is paid via the payroll. For example, you can link a child support payroll agent vendor to the child support deduction item to collect the liabilities and pay the liabilities when they are due.

Before you can use Payroll Agents, there are a number of setup and processing steps that you must complete. We recommend that you complete them in the order listed below.

Setup procedures

Vendor setup

Set up a vendor type Payroll Agent 

Choose a payment schedule  

Enter direct Deposit information   

It is recommended to select the Payroll Agent for a garnishment in the Payroll Items tab of Setup > Employees rather than in the Payroll item.  For more information, see Garnishment overview.

Payroll item setup

Setup the payroll deduction or employer contribution

Employee Setup

Add the payroll deduction or employer contribution to the employee

Processing procedures

Process payroll

Print the payroll agent checks 

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