Creating ACH files

Alerts and notices

When all information is verified in the Process Direct Deposit screen and you are ready to create ACH files, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Actions > Process Direct Deposit.
  2. If necessary, filter the data that is displayed in the Direct deposit transactions grid by using the filter. For information about filtering data in screens, see the Searching and filtering data procedure.
  3. In the Process Direct Deposit screen, mark the checkboxes next to all the transactions for which you want to create ACH files. Click the plus and minus signs to expand and collapse the transaction lists.
  4. When you have selected all the appropriate transactions, click the Create Files button.
  5. The Process Direct Deposit File dialog enables you to verify the information that will go into the header records of the ACH files and, if necessary, provide a different file name. To accept the information and create the ACH file, click OK.

    Note: When you click OK in the Process Direct Deposit File dialog, the ACH files are created in the default file location shown at the bottom of the screen. If your firm is using Virtual Office CS and you need to copy the ACH file to your local drive, see Copying files or folders from the Virtual Office CS server.

  6. If you are using Kotapay to transmit files, the Kotapay File Submission dialog displays. Verify the information and submit or reject the file. Note that you must have already entered login information in the Transmission Information dialog. For more information, see Processing direct deposit with Kotapay
  7. If you are not using Kotapay to transmit files, send the ACH files to the appropriate banking institution. Instructions on how to do this will vary by bank.
  8. If you processed funding ACH files and if you marked the Display Funding Activity report after creating ACH files checkbox in the Process Direct Deposit Options dialog, the application will display the Funding Activity report. You can print this report if needed.


  • To recreate an ACH file in its entirety, click the Manage Files button, select the ACH file to recreate, and then click the Recreate File button.
  • To recreate an ACH file that includes only some of its original transactions, mark the Include processed files from [[range]] checkbox to display processed ACH files in the grid, click the + sign to expand the file information, mark the checkboxes for the transactions you wish to include in the new ACH file, and then click the Create Files button.

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