Setting up a payroll check template

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For after-the-fact payroll clients, Accounting CS enables you to create templates for payroll check transactions in the Actions > Enter Transactions screen. This saves you time during data entry and helps prevent data-entry errors because some of the information is already entered for you.

When a payroll check template is used for an employee, the application deducts payroll taxes at the limit that is specified in the template, even if the employee reaches the threshold limit for the tax. The payroll processor needs to manually update the employee's payroll check template when they have reached the limit.


  • The Edit > Save as Payroll Check Template command is available only when Payroll check is selected in the Type field in the Enter Transactions screen.
  • You can create only one payroll check template for each employee. If you save a payroll check template for an employee for which a template has already been created, the application overwrites the saved template with any updated information.
  • The application duplicates the information from the selected payroll check, but does not save any dates as part of the template.

Creating a template

  1. Choose Actions > Enter Transactions.
  2. Start a new payroll check transaction using either of the following methods.
    • Select an existing payroll check.
    • Select Payroll check from the Type field, and then select an employee from the Employee field.
  3. Enter and/or update information that you want to include in the payroll checks that will be created from this template.
  4. Choose Edit > Save as Payroll Check Template.

Updating a template

The application automatically updates payroll check templates in the following situations.

Deleting a template

  1. At the bottom of the Actions > Enter Transactions screen, click the Edit Multiple Transactions link.
  2. In the Edit Multiple Transactions dialog, select Delete Payroll Check Templates from the Action drop-down list.
  3. The application displays the payroll check templates that have been created for the selected client. Mark the checkbox for each template to delete, and then click OK.

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