Verifying client setup information prior to processing payroll tax forms

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For payroll compliance (annually licensed)

When you prepare to process forms (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.) you may need to add, modify, or verify the following information.

  1. In the Forms section of the Payroll Taxes tab of the Setup > Clients screen, select the appropriate filing method for each type of federal, state, and local form.
  2. Click the Additional Information button for each type of federal and state form and verify the required information.
    • Make selections in the Taxpayer signature and Preparer signature drop-down lists.
    • (Federal 94x forms) If filing electronically, enter the client PIN if needed and enter a business name control.
    • (State forms) Enter any state-specific information in the Additional Information dialog.
  3. If you are filing any forms using the Electronic filing method, choose Actions > Process Electronic Forms and click the Transmission Information button. Verify the information entered in the Transmission Information dialog.
  4. If you are filing any forms using the Internet/Magnetic filing method, choose Actions > Process Internet/Magnetic Files and click the Transmitter Information button. In the Transmitter Information dialog, verify the File contact and any other relevant IDs or numbers that were assigned by the state. For example, verify the User ID for filing W-2 forms via the SSA or the Transmitter Control Code for filing 1099 forms via the IRS FIRE system.

Note: Consider using templates for client setup if you generally file a particular way. For example, if you usually file electronically as a reporting agent, you can set the filing method for all your forms within the template, and you could fill out the signature area ahead of time for all clients.

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