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Product support for the Creative Solutions Accounting platform ended on September 30, 2020.

Help & How-To Center content for the Creative Solutions Accounting platform may be outdated and is used at your own risk.

The Chart of Accounts window displays a list of all the general ledger accounts that have been created for the current client and an account detail grid that lists beginning balance, debit, credit, balance, budget amounts, adjusted budget amounts, and tax code for each account. From this window, you may also add new accounts, edit existing accounts, or delete existing accounts. Options exist that allow you to skip certain fields when entering account information, to display account information for all periods, and to select the columns you wish to display and in what order.

From the CSA main window, choose Setup > Chart of Accounts.


  • You must be in Browse mode (rather than Add or Edit mode) to access any of the options or dialogs that are available from the Edit menu or the right-click context menu when the Chart of Accounts window is active.
  • The Adjusted Budget balances in the Chart of Accounts window cannot be edited; these amounts are changed only by adding, editing, or deleting Budget type journal entries.
  • The Chart of Accounts window enables column sort - for the Account, Description, Type, and optional Tax Code columns. Note, however, that only the default sort order is retained after you close and then re-open the Chart of Accounts window.
  • The application saves changes you make to column widths for an individual client in the accounts list pane of the Chart of Accounts window. To undo any changes to column widths, click the Restore Default button on the Columns tab of the Chart of Account Options dialog.
  • The tax code is used in the data-exchange interface from CSA to UltraTax CS or to GoSystem Tax RS to associate the balances from specific general ledger accounts for tax reporting. It allows UltraTax CS or GoSystem Tax RS to carry the general ledger balances to the proper lines on the appropriate tax forms. (Please note that users of GoSystem Tax RS also need to use the Trial Balance Bridge to import account balances and related tax grouping information.)
  • Schedule M-3 tax code assignment
  • For Write-Up CS users transitioning from WS2: In Write-Up CS, the tax code number functions in place of the Tax Line Grouping number (TLGs) entered in The Write-Up Solution II (DOS). You do not need to update the tax code number in response to tax forms changes because UltraTax CS or GoSystem Tax RS handles that automatically (beginning with tax year 1999).

    You may enter account balances directly into the Chart of Accounts. However, please be advised that if you enter transactions to the same period, those Chart of Accounts balances will be replaced by the transaction balances when you post (or when posting occurs automatically, such as when you print transaction-based reports or advance the period).

    If you will need to enter transactions in a period, or if you would like to see balance information in a transaction-based report, it is recommended that you enter all balance information via transactions rather than directly into the Chart of Accounts.

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Special information

When the Chart of Accounts dialog is active, the following special commands are available from the Edit menu or the right-click context menu:


Enter Combining Accounts

Enter Location and Department Descriptions

Create Location and Department Accounts

Zero Balances

Delete Range of Accounts

Renumber Accounts

Merge Accounts

Edit Tax Codes

Edit Schedule M-3 Tax Codes

Tax Code Account Groupings

Force Balance Recalculation

Verify Accounts


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Fields & buttons

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