Fixed Assets CS: New user resources

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The following information provides links to topics that offer guidance for installing, setting up, and customizing Fixed Assets CS. It is intended primarily for new users of Fixed Assets CS to set up and start using your new application efficiently and effectively.

Converting data to Fixed Assets CS

If you are currently using another tax or asset management application, you may want to convert your data to Fixed Asset CS instead of setting up your Fixed Assets CS clients from scratch. The Fixed Assets CS: Conversion topic includes links to all product conversion guides that we offer. Each guide describes how to convert your data, what data is and is not converted, and any exceptions you may come across during the conversion process.

You can also import data from an ASCII file into Fixed Assets CS.

Installing and maintaining Fixed Assets CS

Below are resources for installing Fixed Assets CS in a network or terminal server environment and updating and maintaining your application.

Navigating, setting up, and customizing Fixed Assets CS

Below are key resources for navigating, setting up, and customizing Fixed Assets CS.

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