Getting Started with Fixed Assets CS

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Fixed Assets CS provides you with the necessary tools to calculate and keep track of your clients' fixed asset and depreciation activity. You can enter client data, assets, and information about those assets. Fixed Assets CS automatically calculates the correct depreciation based on the asset's method of depreciation, life, and the date it was placed in service. You can then print predefined or customized depreciation worksheets, forms, and reports based on the client's activities, asset groups, locations, types, divisions, and other associations.

Installing and updating Fixed Assets CS

For details about standard and terminal server installations, setting up network installations, and downloading and installing updates, see Installations and updates.

Customizing Fixed Assets CS

After Fixed Assets CS is installed, it is ready to use. However, you can complete optional setup tasks to customize how you use the application. See the following topics for details.

Features and calculations

Navigating in Fixed Assets CS

Common tasks

For detailed steps on entering assets, depreciation calculations, and more, see Depreciation procedures.


The primary documentation for using Fixed Assets CS is accessible from the Help menu. The comprehensive topics include feature overviews, steps for completing tasks, frequently asked questions, and more. You can also access additional help resources including the Fixed Assets CS WalkThrough.

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