Inventory menu commands (Inventory module)

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The Inventory menu bar includes the menu commands for performing various tasks or accessing different features in the Fixed Assets Inventory module. (A menu command may not appear or may be unavailable if it is not relevant to the currently selected Fixed Assets CS client.) The following table summarizes the commands that are available.

Note: This menu is available only if you are licensed for the Fixed Assets Inventory module.

Menu Function
Inventory Modify the properties of the active inventory; save the active inventory; print inventory worksheets, reports, or asset labels; suspend the inventory and return to Fixed Assets CS; finalize the active inventory to Fixed Assets CS; discontinue the inventory.
Edit Add, copy, or paste assets; search for an asset based on column information; enter disposal, vehicle/listed, and home office (1040 clients) information and assign images; reassign assets and images.
Tasks Change the inventory and review status of assets.
Setup Add or edit business activities and asset associations, create custom reports, set up the Image Library, set up a barcode scanner.
Help Open the Help & How-To Center, learn how to use help, view Frequently Asked Questions, link to the CS website, view licensing information for the Inventory module.

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