Setting up the template

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For most users, we recommend that you set up a template to help make your work easier when setting up new clients. Note that you can also transfer template items to existing clients.

To set up the template, perform the following steps to specify settings that you want to use for most or all of your new clients.

  1. Choose Setup > System Configuration.
  2. Click the Template tab.

    Note: If a client is open, Fixed Assets CS prompts you to close the client before allowing you to set up any template items.

  3. Click the Setup > Associations button and define the associations. You can also set up the Association Wizard at this time, if appropriate.
    • Groups
    • Locations
    • Types
    • Divisions
    • Serial #
    • Custom associations

    Note: You cannot set up the Oil & Gas association in the template. The Oil & Gas association is available only for 1040, 1120C, 1120S, 1065, and 1041 clients and can only be set up on a client-by-client basis.

  4. Click the Setup > Treatments button and enable and/or set up the appropriate treatments.
  5. Click the Setup > Options button and choose the desired settings.

    Calculation tab

    Asset List tab

    Miscellaneous tab

  6. If you want, you may create one or more print profiles that will be available to all clients. Choose File > Print > Profiles button and create the print profile.
  7. When you are done setting up the template, click OK to close the System Configuration dialog.

The template items will be copied to all clients subsequently created in Fixed Assets CS. You can also transfer the template items to existing clients.

Tip: If you prefer not to have certain client-specific settings automatically copied to every new client that you add in Fixed Assets CS, you can set up a "model" client. You can then open the model client and choose File > Save As whenever you want to copy settings from the model client to a new client.

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