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Use the Print Conditions dialog to set a specific preparer's print conditions. These settings control when a specific standard report, the Allocations Detail, and plan comments will be marked for printing in the Print Selection dialog when you print with Auto Select. The current preparer's preferences will be automatically transferred to any plan printed by that preparer. Note that you can override the automatically transferred preferences when you print using the Print Selection dialog.

To open this dialog, choose Tools > Setup Preparers, highlight a preparer in the list, click the Edit button, and click the Auto Select Conditions button.

Special information

Entering or modifying preparer information and preferences

Printing plan data reports, graphs, and letters

Printing allocations detail statements

Fields & buttons

This list displays all standard reports for the Planner CS applications you are licensed for and the global property for each report.

Note: The Allocations Detail and Plan Comments options are at the end of the list.

Print Condition group box

After selecting a report in the report list, choose an option to set a print condition for that report.

Note: You can select multiple reports and assign global properties to them by holding down the SHIFT or CTRL key while selecting.

Print conditions are applicable only when you print using the Auto Select option.

  • As required: The report will print when using Auto Select if data exists that warrants printing.
  • If data entered: The report will print when using Auto Select if you have entered an amount in any field in that tab.
  • Always: The report will always be included for printing when you use Auto Select.
  • Never: The report will never be included for printing when you use Auto Select.

Note: If you have selected the Always or Never print conditions and want to temporarily exclude or include a report, clear or mark the checkbox for that report in the Print Selection dialog just prior to printing.

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