Using the Print Selection dialog

Alerts and notices

You can review and edit the list of reports, graphs, and letters that have been selected to print by using the Print Selection dialog, as described in the following steps.

  1. Choose File > Print Reports.
  2. In the Print Reports dialog, select the desired print options. For details, see Printing plan data reports, graphs, and letters.
  3. Click the Print Selection button.
  4. In the Print Selection dialog, click the appropriate tab and mark or clear checkboxes next to the standard reports, custom reports, graphs, and client letters that you want to print for this print session. Click the Collation tab to change the order in which items will print.

    Note: Your selections are applicable only for the current print session. If you often print the same set of reports, you may want to define a custom report set. For more information, see Defining report sets.

  5. Click the Allocations Detail checkbox near the bottom of the dialog to print the allocations detail statement.
  6. Click the Plan Comments checkbox near the bottom of the dialog to print plan comments.
  7. Click OK to close the dialog.

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