Integration with other applications

Planner CS offers several features that integrate with other CS Professional Suite applications, with other Thomson Reuters applications, and/or with third-party applications, such as Microsoft Word.

CS Professional Suite applications that integrate directly with Planner CS

Thomson Reuters offers a suite of applications that are designed to work together to make your firm's workflow as efficient as possible. This section describes how various CS Professional Suite applications integrate with Planner CS. If you are unfamiliar with some of these applications or would like more information on any of the applications in the suite, visit the Products page of our website.

If you are licensed for UltraTax/1040, you can import plan data from UltraTax/1040 into Planner CS.

Other Thomson Reuters applications that integrate with Planner CS

If you subscribe to Checkpoint, you can log in to Checkpoint's online tax and research service from within Planner CS.

If you want to import plan data from GoSystem Tax Rs, you can follow the instructions in this topic.

Third-Party applications that integrate with Planner CS

If you are licensed for Microsoft Word, you can create client letters using Word.

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