Credit card and ACH processing in Practice CS

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If you have a Kotapay account, you can process ACH and credit card transactions in Practice CS. If you want to learn more about Kotapay, see Using Kotapay.

If you don't use Kotapay integration with Practice CS, see Processing ACH and credit card payments outside of Practice CS instead.

Available features

Enter check payments in Practice CS and Kotapay will transfer the payment from your client's bank account to your firm's.

Enter credit card payments from any major credit card in Practice CS and Kotapay will charge the credit card, depositing the payment in your firm's account.

Send an invoice to your client's NetClient CS portal and your client can pay their own invoice using any major credit card. Kotapay will charge the card and deposit payment in your firm's account. To set this up, see Practice CS and NetClient CS bill pay walkthrough.

Set up your firm

Start here if you've never processed payments in Practice CS before.

  1. Set up your Kotapay account. You'll need to contact Kotapay; you can fill out this form or call 866.431.9926.
  2. In Practice CS, choose Setup > Firm.
  3. Click the Billing and A/R tab.
  4. Mark the checkbox for the feature(s) you want to use:
    • Enable credit card processing
    • Enable ACH processing
    • Enable printing invoices to NetClient CS

      The rest of the setup and processing steps for NetClient CS bill pay are different from ACH and credit card payments. If you enable printing invoices to NetClient CS, you'll need to go to Practice CS and NetClient CS bill pay walkthrough to finish setting it up and to learn how to use it.

  5. Click the Setup CS Payment Account link.
  6. Log in with your NetStaff CS or CS Payment credentials. If you don't have a CS Payment or NetStaff account, click the Create Account link.


    • CS Payment accounts are free.
    • If you have a NetStaff CS account, you should use that to log in to CS Payment. You won't have a separate CS Payment account.
    • When you create a CS Payment account, you'll receive an account activation email. Once your account is active, come back to this screen in Practice CS and click the Setup CS Payment Account link to sign in.

Set up your clients

Once your firm is set up, you can add account information to your clients. You can do this before you start processing payments or as you go. See Adding ACH and credit card information to clients.

Process payments

Once you have client account information entered or you've turned on online bill pay, you can start collecting and processing payments.

  1. Invoice your client however you like. See Billing methods to read about your invoice options.
  2. Initiate the payment using the Receipt & Adjustment entry screen. See Entering credit card and ACH payments.
  3. Kotapay processes the transaction.
  4. Once processed, the receipt status updates to Accepted.

Receipts and transaction status

Printing a credit card payment receipt

Delete or undo payments

Reversing a credit card or ACH payment


Troubleshooting credit card and ach payment transactions

Invalid username or password when logging into CS Payment


An unknown exception occurred

Session expired

GUID already in use

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