Using the Overview tab for Receipt & Adjustment Entry

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The Overview tab of the Receipt & Adjustment Entry screen is similar to the Entry tab, but it combines receipts and adjustments in a single grid, and includes Control Date, Bank Account, and Type fields in the entry grid, enabling entries of both receipts and adjustments for multiple bank accounts and dates.

To access the Overview tab, choose Actions > Receipt & Adjustment Entry (or press CTRL+R), and click the Overview tab.

This tab also enables you to click and drag column headings into the grouping area above the grid to group transactions by that heading.

Entry of transactions in this tab is similar to entry of receipts and adjustments in the Enter Receipts & Adjustments tab, with a few important differences.

Note: Entry of new items is not possible in this tab when the grid is grouped, though edits to existing entries can still be made.

Control Dates

Instead of making an entry in a Control Date field at the top of the screen, dates are entered line-by-line for each transaction. This enables you to enter receipts and adjustments for multiple control dates at the same time.

Bank Accounts

Each line item can be assigned to a different bank account using the Bank Account field.


The Filter by field at the top of the screen enables you to filter transactions by any field on the screen or by a saved filter. If you choose to filter using a field, an additional Method field appears. Use the Method field to specify whether you want to filter by that field using a range, a selection, or a single entry. Depending on the option you choose, additional fields appear for indicating the criteria by which to filter.


You can click and drag a column heading into the grouping area, which is the grey area with the text "Drag a column header here to group by that column." For example, if you drag the heading Client to the grouping area, all of the transactions on the screen will be grouped by client. Drag a heading back to the grid to remove the grouping.

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