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Use the Receipt & Adjustment Entry screen to track payments for the services your firm performs for your clients. The information you enter on this screen enables you to track firm revenues and the status of each client’s account.

To open the Receipt & Adjustment Entry screen, choose Actions > Receipt & Adjustment Entry (or press CTRL+R).

To set preferences for the behavior of receipt & adjustment entry, choose Setup > User Preferences > Receipt & Adjustment Entry tab.

Note: Additional information about receipt and adjustment entry can be found in the Practice CS Accounts Receivable WalkThrough.

Entry tab

Use this tab to enter receipts and adjustments into Practice CS. This tab consists of a Control Date field and Receipts and Adjustments subtabs. If your firm uses approval and posting, this tab will also feature display-only checkboxes indicating whether an item has been approved or posted, and a Journal button that enables you to preview and print a journal of items for the current control date.

Receipts subtab

Use the Receipts subtab to enter payments received from your firm’s clients. This subtab consists of a data-entry grid and a panel that displays the client and A/R balance.

See Entering receipts for more information.

Adjustments subtab

Use the Adjustments subtab to enter any adjustments to your clients’ A/R balances. This subtab consists of a data-entry grid and a panel that displays the client and A/R balance.

See Entering adjustments for more information.

Overview tab

Use this tab to view both receipts and adjustments on a single screen.

This tab consists of a Filter by list that enables you to filter by any field in the data-entry grid or to use saved filters, plus a data-entry grid similar to those used for entering receipts and adjustments, except that it includes the Bank Account and Control Date fields so that entries for multiple bank accounts and on multiple dates can be shown and entered in a single grid.

If you select a field in the Filter by list, a Method list appears, which enables you to choose additional options for filtering by that field.

See Using the Overview tab in Receipt & Adjustment Entry for more information on this tab.

See Filtering your data for more information on setting up filters.

Integrated Receipts tab

Use the Integrated Receipts tab to accept payments from clients who have paid their invoices online via their portal in NetClient CS.

Review tab

Use the Review tab to approve and post receipts and adjustments. This tab will only appear if your firm uses the approval process, and consists of a Filter by list (and, if applicable, a Method list) as in the Overview tab, plus Unapproved only and Unposted only checkboxes that enable you to narrow your view, and a grid displaying receipts and adjustments awaiting approval and/or posting.

Note: You cannot enter or edit receipts and adjustments in this tab.

See Approving and posting receipts & adjustments for more information on using this tab.

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