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Tax flowcharts are visual aids that can help you explain why a particular course of action was taken. Most of the tax flowcharts in the application come directly from IRS publications.

You can answer the flowchart questions in the following ways:


Your client has arranged for a family member to move in and help him out with living expenses. Your client wants to know if he can claim the family member as a dependent on the next tax return. In this case, you would create a new Dependency Exemption flowchart, answer the questions in the flowchart, and then show and discuss the results with your client.


  • Tax flowcharts are grouped according to the calendar year in which they apply. These groupings appear in the Navigation pane when you click the Tax Flowcharts button.
  • Tax flowcharts may be previewed, printed, and saved. See Printing an item and Saving an item to a client for more information.

Working with Tax flowcharts

For details on working with tax flowcharts, see the following topics.

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