1040 frequently asked questions

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1040 - Common questions

1040NR - Nonresident alien returns

1040X - Amended returns

1045 & Net operating loss worksheets

1099-C - Cancellation of debt

1116 - Foreign tax credits

2555 - Foreign earned income

3520 - Foreign Trust Transactions

433 series - Collection information

4562 - Depreciation and amortization

5471 - Foreign corporations

6198 - At-risk calculations

6251 - Alternative minimum tax

8283 - Noncash charitable contributions

8615 - Kiddie tax

8689 - Allocation of individual income tax to the U.S. Virgin Islands

8822 and 8822-B - Change of Address

8853 - Archer MSAs and long-term care insurance accounts

8889 - Health savings accounts

8960 - Net Investment Income Tax

982 - Reduction of Tax Attributes Due to Discharge of Indebtedness (and section 1082 Basis Adjustment)

Affordable Care Act FAQs

Alaska Permanent Fund dividends

Automobile expenses - C, E, F, K-1, 2106, and 4835

Business and capital asset sale information

Carryover reports

Casualties and thefts

Child and dependent care / child tax credits

Custom paragraphs

Earned income credit (EIC) and preparer's EIC checklist

Education expense optimization

Electronic filing - General

Electronic filing - Transmission and business rules

Estimated taxes


Filing information

Filing Status Optimization utility

First-time homebuyer credit

Grantor trusts

Individual retirement accounts

Investment income and expenses

IRS service center

Keogh, SEP, and SIMPLE contributions

Minister wages and church employee income

Multiple-state processing

Office-in-home information

Partner's Basis Worksheets

Passive loss information

Power of attorney - Mailing address on filing instructions and slipsheets for Forms 2848 and 8821

Qualified real property

Real estate professional income

Rental percentages

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Worksheet

Retrieving general ledger balances using tax codes

Sales tax

Schedule B

Schedule K-1 data sharing

Schedule SE

Shareholder's Basis Worksheets

Smart data entry

Start-up expense deductions (IRC Section 195)

State allocation spreadsheet

State - Common data entry questions

Tax credits

Tax elections

Tax Projection Worksheet

Tax Reconciliation Worksheet

Tax Return History

Vacation home calculations

W-2, box 14 code

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