Printing apportionment information reports for an open client's return (1065)

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UltraTax CS includes three apportionment information reports, one for each factor: property, payroll, and sales. Each report lists the components for that factor and, for each component, the in-state and everywhere amounts.

On 1065 state apportionment forms, data is divided into two categories.

  1. To open the Apportionment Information window, choose View > Apportionment.

    Note: To open the Apportionment Information window, you must have a state return attached to the current client.

  2. From the Apportionment Information menu, choose Apportionment > Print Reports.
  3. To print the report to FileCabinet CS in addition to your printer, mark the Store image in FileCabinet CS checkbox. This checkbox is available only if you are licensed for and have installed FileCabinet CS.

    Note: To print the report only to FileCabinet CS, clear the Printer checkbox.

  4. In the Print what group box, mark the checkbox for each factor whose apportionment report you want to print.
  5. To print more than one copy, select the desired number in the Copies field.
  6. Click the Print button. (Or to print only to FileCabinet CS, click the To Cabinet button.)

Note: Review this report in combination with the Apportionment Form Combination Tables Guide. These tables demonstrate how UltraTax CS combines the amounts entered in the Apportionment Information spreadsheet, the Apportionment state tabs, the Cities and other returns spreadsheet, the Cities and other returns tabs, and the State Everywhere Force dialog. The combined amounts are then reported on the apportionment form.

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