Installing and maintaining your applications and data

Alerts and notices

The following information will guide you as you install and maintain UltraTax CS throughout the year.

Installing UltraTax CS

Video overview

The following video outlines the process described in the text below.

Installation resources

Click the following links for information about installing UltraTax CS, installing state applications, downloading and installing licenses, and best practices for Terminal Server installations.

Note: If necessary, you can install Adobe Reader from the Adobe Reader download site.

Acquiring and activating applications on a Per-Return-Pricing (PRP) basis

Click the following links for information about acquiring and activating PRP codes.

Maintaining UltraTax CS throughout the tax year

UltraTax CS is updated throughout the season, and it is important to keep your applications current. CS Connect background services, which is enabled by default, enables your firm to do this with ease. In addition, we recommend that you back up all of your client data and application settings. For more information, click the following links.

Troubleshooting tasks

If you have issues with your installation, you may want to complete the following troubleshooting tasks.