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This topic provides access to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about UltraTax CS.

Frequently asked questions: General

Are there keyboard shortcuts that I can use?

Where can I learn about specific menus and toolbars used in UltraTax CS?

Where can I view definitions of common UltraTax CS terms and phrases?

How do I customize my data entry display?

How do I use custom fieldviews?

How can I add a custom paragraph to client document?

Is there a quick way to find out where to enter specific information?

When should I enter data directly on the government form?

What are "noncalculating forms?"

How do I remove an orphan folder?

How do I force a form to print?

Frequently asked questions: Setup

How do I activate PRP state applications in Virtual Office?

How do I install a state or city application?

How do I set default user preferences for users?

How do I enter state firm information and rates?

How do I set up a blank preparer block?

How do I enable advanced security options?

Frequently asked questions: Proforma

How do I proforma client data?

Why are some of my clients missing from the Proforma dialog?

How do I resolve the "Fixed asset data unavailable for proforma" message that appears on the Proforma Status dialog?

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