Proforma client data from the previous year

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If you used UltraTax CS last year, you can proforma (roll over) client data into this year's application. You can also proforma client data that was converted from another tax application.

Video overview

The following video outlines the features described in the steps below.

Steps to proforma data

  1. From the Utilities menu, choose Proforma to open the Proforma dialog.
  2. From the drop-down list in the upper-left corner of the dialog, select Clients if it is not already selected.
  3. In the Focus group box, select the type of clients you want to appear in the list. You can focus the client listing by entity type, preparer/reviewer/staff, fiscal year end, and/or status events logged in the prior year.


    • Clients whose data has already been proforma'd are automatically excluded from the list. If desired, clear the Exclude proforma'd clients checkbox to include them in the list.
    • 706 clients are automatically excluded from the list. To include them, clear the Exclude 706 clients checkbox. This checkbox is available only when you are licensed for 706 returns and UltraTax/706 is installed.
    • You cannot proforma a client's data until we release the applicable federal application for the current tax year. Therefore, some entity types in the Focus group box may not be available early in the year.
    • Any clients whose returns were marked as final in the prior-year version of UltraTax CS will not appear in the list of clients available to proforma.
    • Prior-year events include Return Printed, ELF file transmitted to CS, and all user-defined events. You can focus your list of clients to proforma by these UltraTax CS events or by any user-defined event.
  4. In the Data to proforma group box, the UltraTax CS option is selected by default. If the data to be proforma'd is on an external storage device, click the Backup option.
  5. Verify that the drive and path of last year's data are correct. If not, you need to specify the correct location.
  6. In the Available to proforma pane on the left, highlight the client(s) whose data you want to proforma and click the Select button. The selected clients move to the Selected to proforma pane on the right. To remove a client from the proforma list, highlight the client's name in the right pane and click the Remove button.
  7. When all the clients whose data you want to proforma appear in the pane on the right, click the Proforma button. The Proforma status dialog appears, indicating the progress of the proforma process.
  8. After the proforma is complete, click Done. If you only proforma'd a single client's data, UltraTax CS will open that client's return will automatically. If you proforma'd data for multiple clients, you can access those clients return via the File > Open Client dialog. 


  • Data that is proforma'd from the previous year is displayed in blue in the current-year input screens. By default, the cursor skips these fields, but you can set an option to change the default.
  • When converting client data from another tax preparation application, UltraTax CS occasionally encounters units of multiple-unit input screens that are not associated with a defined activity folder. These are known as "orphaned" input screens. When you open the client, an error message appears asking you to resolve the issue.
  • You can also use this dialog to proforma data entry displays, return collations, and customized documents such as elections, transmittal letters, and filing instructions from last year's UltraTax CS.
  • You can have UltraTax CS automatically create a backup of your proforma'd data in FileCabinet CS (if licensed).
  • To quickly change from one prior-year UltraTax CS data location to another, click the drop-down list in the Data to Proforma group box and select an alternate data location.

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