Entering advanced client properties

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You can enter advanced properties in the New Client dialog when you add the client, or you can enter or update them at any time using the Client Properties dialog.

By default, the Advanced Properties has two tabs: the Restrict Access tab and the Enter Asset Detail tab.

Note: Based on the type of return, more tabs may display. For example, consolidated returns have a Group tab and an Options tab.

  • The Restrict Access tab enables you to password protect client data, and to prevent any of the following applications or features from accessing client data: Data Mining, Practice CS, FileCabinet CS, or data sharing.

    In addition, you can mark the Exempt the E-file Status screen from Client Password protection checkbox to enable access to password-protected client information within the Electronic Filing Status dialog only. Note that this field is available only if the Deny access to client data unless password is known checkbox is marked.
  • Use the Enter Asset Detail tab to determine if you will summary or detail asset information.

For more information, see Modify the client's participation in Data Sharing functionality and Deny access to this client's data by Data Mining, Practice CS, or FileCabinet CS, Entering client passwords, and Choosing between detailed and summary asset data entry.

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