Requesting changes to a Licensee's or Delegate's name

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The Thomson Reuters – Tax & Accounting Business (Thomson Reuters) uses certain roles to define the relationship between Thomson Reuters and its Clients for Software products, such as the role of Licensee or Delegate. When there is a change to name of the assigned Licensee or Delegate, this changes who is legally granted the permissions of a Licensee. What are the permissions granted to the Licensee?

The Licensee is the named individual permitted to access and use the Software pursuant to an Order Form. A Licensee serves as account administrator and has legal right to Client data which is input in to the Software. A Licensee is responsible for managing the Client relationship with Thomson Reuters, including notifying Thomson Reuters of any firm demographic or name changes, managing security requirements, and responsibility for data inputted into the software.

To strengthen the security of your application licenses, complete the appropriate steps below to request changes to a Licensee's or Delegate's name.

Has your legal name changed and you need to update the name on your application license?

As a Licensee or Delegate for your firm, making any changes to your name, changes who the licensee is. For your security and to ensure it is you making the request, supporting documentation is required.

If you will remain the licensee and your name is changing, send your request to and include the information below. You will receive a response regarding the status of your request from a Customer Support representative within 2-3 business days after receipt.

  • Include your firm ID in the subject line. If you are unsure of your firm ID number, see How to locate the firm ID number.
  • In the body of your message please let us know or current name on file and what your name is changing to.
  • Attach to your message supporting documentation which serves as evidence of the legal name change. Examples of supporting documentation can include marriage or civil union certificate, divorce decree, or a name change certificate.

Are you transferring your application license to a new individual at your firm?

Moving your application license into a new individual's name requires the completion of a license transfer. As the current Licensee, you must sign the transfer form agreeing to release your rights to the software and permissions granted to the Licensee.

To initiate this process send your request via email to Please include the application licenses you wish to transfer in the body of your message. You will receive additional information from a Customer Support representative within 1-2 business days.

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Internal only

Firm licensees and delegates who need to make changes to their email address should always self service this change, see Changing your CS Web account profile information.

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