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The Print Checks screen allows you to select, preview, and print checks and to select, preview, and pay payroll liabilities for multiple clients and/or multiple bank accounts.

Choose File > Print Checks.

Note: The application prints checks in the following tab order.

  1. Vendor/Payee
  2. Payroll
  3. Payroll Liabilities
  4. Accounts Payable

Tabbed pages in this screen

The grid on each tabbed page contains an expandable list of clients with unprinted checks or unpaid liabilities. Click the plus sign to the left of the client name to expand the list to view each check or liability. Mark the checkbox next to a client to select all checks or liabilities for that client, or mark the checkbox next to individual items.


  • If the checks selected for a client will be drafted from more than one bank account, that client will be listed in the grid once for each bank account.
  • You can click any of the grid column headings to sort the list by that column heading.
  • If you do not see one or more of the tabbed pages, you may not have security permissions to view or print checks of that type.

Vendor/Payee tab

Payroll tab (for live payroll processing only)

Payroll Liabilities tab

Accounts Payable tab

Fields & buttons

This checkbox is applicable only when items are selected on more than one tab. Mark this checkbox to have the application collate the vendor checks by client when you preview or print the checks.

  • When this checkbox is unmarked (the default state), the application prints all selected checks (and/or payroll liabilities selected for payment) for all selected clients in the order that clients are listed in the grids tab by tab.
  • When this checkbox is marked, the application collates all checks (and/or payroll liabilities selected for payment) by client rather than by tab.

Click this button to open a version of the Print dialog with additional tabs that reflect the options available in this screen and the Print Reports and Print Invoices dialogs. For more information about the complete payroll output feature, please refer to the Automating payroll tasks topic.

As you select checks to print on a tabbed page, the application automatically increments the number in the column that corresponds to that tab and in the Total column.

As you select checks to print on a tabbed page, the application automatically sums the payment amount in the column that corresponds to that tab and in the Total column.

Click this button to view the selected checks prior to printing them. The Preview Selected button opens the Print Preview dialog, where you can preview the selected checks.

Click this button to open the Print dialog to print the selected checks.

For payroll liabilities, when you click the Print Selected button, the Print Payment Forms dialog opens, where you can verify information for the associated payment forms and choose to print the forms when you pay payroll liabilities.

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