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The default communication settings for CS Connect are correct for most connection types; however, if you connect to our secure data centers using a dial-up internet service or a proxy server, you should review the following communication settings. This is a one-time setup step.

Note: If you're using Virtual Office CS or SaaS (Software as a Service), these steps do not apply to you.

  1. Open CS Connect by selecting:
    • File, then CS Connect in Accounting CS, Practice CS, Workpapers CS, Planner CS
    • Setup, then User Preferences, then the Misc tab in UltraTax CS and FileCabinet CS
    • Utilities, then CS Connect in Fixed Assets CS and ToolBox CS
  2. Select Modify, Connect Setup, or Communications (varies by program).
  3. Choose the various communication settings for the workstation.
    • Direct (LAN) connections
      1. Select the Direct (LAN) Connection to internet option.
      2. If your computer is always connected to the internet, mark the Internet connection is always online checkbox.
      3. Select OK.
    • Proxy server setup
      1. Select Proxy settings.
      2. Mark the Use Proxy Server checkbox.
      3. Choose the Manually configure proxy server option and enter the HTTP proxy address and port number for your network's proxy server, or choose the Use Windows settings option.

        You can view the proxy address and port number for your network's proxy server by opening Microsoft Edge and selecting Tools > Internet Options, and selecting the LAN Settings button on the Connections tab.

      4. If your proxy application requires server authentication, mark the Proxy Authentication checkbox in the Proxy Setup screen and enter the correct information.
  4. Test your connection. If any of the tests fail, the connectivity problems must be addressed on your computer, network, or with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) before CS Connect will function correctly.

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