Deleting documents from FileCabinet CS

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  1. Highlight the document you want to delete.
  2. Choose Edit > Delete Document.
  3. In the Delete Document dialog, click either the option to delete the selected document from the current folder only, or the option to delete all instances of the selected document from the current drawer.
  4. Click OK.


  • You can also use this procedure to delete images and image groups. However, if you delete an image group using this procedure, you will not be given the option of retaining the images in the group. To delete an image group while retaining the group's images, use the Deleting image groups procedure.
  • After a document has been deleted from FileCabinet CS, it can only be recovered by restoring from backup data, or by printing the document to FileCabinet CS from within the application in which it was created.
  • You can also delete multiple documents at once.
  • You can only cut or copy documents once you have selected the actual document. You cannot delete a single page if you have the Expand printed documents and image groups to the page level checkbox marked in the User Preferences dialog.

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