Apportionment Information window (990)

Alerts and notices

Use the Apportionment Information window to enter apportionment data in one place for all states. UltraTax CS uses this information to complete the apportionment factor for income subject to apportionment. In general, business income is apportioned and non-business income is allocated. State law determines the type of income that is apportioned.

To open the Apportionment Information window, choose View > Apportionment or press CTRL+B with a 990 client open. Note that you must have a state return attached to this client to open this window. See Adding a state or city return for a client.

Components of this window

Apportionment Information menu

Apportionment Information toolbar

Apportionment spreadsheet (consisting of the Property, Payroll, and Sales tabs)

State tab (New York only)