Report Designer: Variables overview

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When creating or customizing reports or financial statements in the Report Designer, you can select and insert into the design grid many types of variables from the Variables tree in the Design Tools frame. When you preview or print the report or statement, you will see actual data values in place of the variables.

Variable types

Each link in this section opens a topic with details about the variables in that specific section of the Variables tree, and each topic includes one or more tables listing the following information:

Variable name Data content/source Format (text, date, number, amount, yes/no, or image) Variable syntax (actual syntax for the variable inserted within a cell of the design grid)

Note: There may be cases where a table lists one format but the actual output uses a different format. For example, Number is the format listed for GL Account variables, but Text format is used instead if the GL accounts include alphabetic characters.

Accruable Benefit


Bank Account

Bank Account Activity

Bank Account Reconciliation

Billing Activity

Chart of Accounts

Chart of Accounts Activity



Customer Activity


Engagement Binder (Workpapers CS only)

Filing Instructions


Impound Bank Account

Impound Bank Account Reconciliation

Impound Client Activity

Invoice Item


Payroll Item



Tax Code Adjustment Activity


Vendor Activity

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