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This topic contains frequently asked questions (FAQs) about working in NetFirm CS administration.

Module-specific questions

Click the following links to view FAQs for specific modules.

Note: To view FAQs about working in modules as a NetStaff CS user, open the Help menu and search on frequently asked questions.

General questions

NetStaff CS groups allow you to manage permissions for NetStaff CS users at the group level, rather than managing each NetStaff CS user’s permissions individually. For more information, see Adding users to a group.

If anyone makes ten consecutive attempts to log in to a portal using an incorrect password, we will disable the login. We will also send an email message to the email address that is assigned to the portal login; the email message notifies the user of the unsuccessful login attempts, and provides a link to enable the login. We will enable the login after 30 minutes or when the user clicks the link in the email message.

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