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You can use the FileCabinet CS print driver to print documents from QuickBooks to FileCabinet CS, but you are not able to store the QuickBooks files themselves in FileCabinet CS.

There are several solutions to this issue. Refer to the Clients missing from the Drawer list article for further troubleshooting instructions.

FileCabinet CS is designed to use specific folders for documents printed from other CS Professional Suite applications. Copying such documents to other folders creates a reference to the original location; therefore, you cannot delete the original without also deleting any copied references.

This behavior does not apply to documents that are scanned or embedded in FileCabinet CS or that are printed to FileCabinet CS using the FileCabinet CS print driver. These documents can be copied, and then deleted from the original location.

Verify that you chose a valid data location in FileCabinet CS. To do this, choose Setup > System Configuration and click the Data Locations tab.

Make sure that all FileCabinet CS users have closed the application before changing the security settings. You may wish to wait until after normal business hours to change security settings.

You cannot undo a deletion in FileCabinet CS, but you can restore client data from one of your backups of the application, or one that is retained by your IT Professional.

To help you stay organized in FileCabinet CS, it is important to know about how to create a new folder and the different types of folders that are available. For more information about folders, see Setting up your folder structure, and the other related articles linked to from there.

Installation and updates

For information about installing the application, as well as steps for downloading and installing licenses, see Installation information.

You will need to perform a desktop setup after installing the application.

For more information, see FileCabinet CS option is grayed out under File > Print Returns or File > Print Organizers in UltraTax CS for troubleshooting steps to correct this issue.

Printing and Scanning

Refer to the following articles for more information about printing to FileCabinet CS from an non-CS Professional Suite application.

Any scanner that is TWAIN compliant will work with FileCabinet CS. See, Determining if a scanner is TWAIN-Compliant.

If your scanner supports duplex scanning, the duplex images will be imported into the FileCabinet CS.

When the FileCabinet CS printer driver is installed, it defaults to the first Local Printer Port (LPT) that is available.

However, since the driver does not actually print to a physical printer, any LPT or COM port can be selected.

Do not select File as the port, as this prevent the FileCabinet CS printer driver from working.

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