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What is CS Connect?

CS Connect, a communications tool available in most CS Professional Suite products, provides you with a fast, secure and convenient way to download licenses and software updates and (for some products) to transmit and retrieve client information. And with convenient call now or call later options, CS Connect allows you to either connect immediately and submit or retrieve data or schedule a more convenient time to transmit and/or retrieve data.

The options available through CS Connect differ by product. The information below provides an overview of the CS Connect functionality in each CS Professional Suite product. More information about CS Connect is available in our Help & How-To Center.

Accounting CS:

  • Retrieve licenses and software updates
  • Transmit or recall electronically filed returns and retrieve acknowledgements
  • Transmit remote payroll entry worksheets and checks and retrieve remote payroll entry data
  • Transmit W-2s, check information, W-4 information, portal employee deletions, and portal client deletions and retrieve W-4 information
  • Retrieve Third-Party Workers' Compensation consent and acknowledgement files and transmit setup and weekly files
  • Retrieve E-Verify status and transmit E-Verify files

FileCabinet CS:

  • Retrieve licenses and software updates
  • Transmit documents to NetClient CS portals
  • Transmit scanned tax source documents and retrieve extracted source document data

UltraTax CS:

  • Retrieve licenses and software updates
  • Acquire Per-Return Pricing (PRP) codes for returns
  • Transmit electronically filed returns and retrieve acknowledgements
  • Transmit 1040 client organizers and 1040 returns to NetClient CS portals and retrieve completed organizers from 1040 clients


The following products use CS Connect only to download licenses and software updates:

  • Accounting CS
  • Accounting CS Payroll
  • Fixed Assets CS
  • Planner CS
  • Practice CS
  • ToolBox CS

The following products do not use CS Connect:

  • Accounting CS Client Access
  • GoFileRoom
  • GoSystem Tax RS
  • Mobile CS
  • NetFirm CS
  • Web Builder CS

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