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Cloud Data Storage Tips

If your firm uses SaaS for CS Professional Suite or Virtual Office CS to access our software in the cloud, the tips in this section will help you best manage your disk space usage.

Browse our tabbed sections to view these topics:

  • Monitoring Your Space Usage
    Learn how to view a report that enables you to check your space usage at any time. Also, view the steps for setting up email notifications when your firm's storage space exceeds 90 percent of its allocated total.
  • Maximizing Your Storage
    Access instructions that will help you to make the most of your firm's 4 GB/4,096 MB (effective November 1, 2012) per-profile space allotment and verify that you're using the recommended version of the Citrix software that’s required to access our cloud-based applications.
  • We've found that the following three applications frequently require greater storage needs than other programs. On these tabs, you'll find space management tips specifically for each program.
    • CSA
      Tips to help CS Professional Suite Accounting (CSA) product users maximize their storage space.
    • FileCabinet CS
      If you use FileCabinet CS for document storage, these tips will help you get the most data in the least amount of space.
    • Outlook
      These tips will help you control the amount of storage space your Microsoft Outlook data requires.
  • FAQs
    Read answers to questions we hear most frequently about disk space usage.