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GoFileRoom Implementation FAQs

Get the answers your staff needs to easily integrate GoFileRoom into their work routine using these helpful FAQs. We also offer comprehensive consulting services to ensure that your GoFileRoom implementation runs smoothly and that you are taking full advantage of this powerful document management and workflow system.

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Adding Documents

Question: How do I store electronic workpaper documents, such as Word or Excel® files?

Answer: When storing electronic documents in GoFileRoom (Word or Excel), it is recommended to maintain them in their native format. Using the GoFileRoom Office Integration feature you can maintain versions of the document. By storing Word/Excel documents directly in GoFileRoom you can maintain scanned images, electronic documents, etc. in one central repository. To store the final archive of the Word/Excel document, create a PDF version of the document using the Print to GoFileRoom driver.

For non-Office documents, there are many options.

Add File Link
GoFileRoom provides a service called Add File Link. With this service, users can link to documents stored on the firm's common network drive. Note: Documents linked to GoFileRoom do not follow Record Retention policy and if users 'link' to files on their workstation hard drives, others will not have access via GoFileRoom.

Control Panel Profiles
It’s quick and easy to create a ControlPanel profile and add the shortcut to your desktop, allowing you to drag and drop files to the shortcut and upload them to GoFileRoom. Each ControlPanel profile contains a drawer and index information.

To add a profile:

  1. Click the Windows Start button and choose All Programs > GoFileRoom > GoFileRoom ControlPanel.
  2. In the ControlPanel window, click the New Profile button. GoFileRoom creates a temporary profile named [NEW PROFILE].
  3. Select a drawer from the Drawer drop-down list.
  4. Enter or select indexes for the profile from the remaining fields in the ControlPanel window.
  5. Save changes by clicking the Save Profile button.

To create a profile shortcut on your desktop, click the Create Desktop Shortcut button. A window will open to confirm that a profile shortcut was successfully created.

Using this method also allows you to view documents filed under the same index as the profile created, and for direct integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Printing to GoFileRoom
Once you have installed the GoFileRoom print driver, you can print text-searchable PDFs directly to GoFileRoom.

Question: Why are some index fields blue and some white?

Answer: Blue fields indicate required fields. White fields indicate optional fields. Selection of files section and document types will automatically change required fields to that value.

Note: In order to add documents to GoFileRoom, all required fields should be entered.

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Working with Documents/Online Review

Question: How do I annotate documents?

Answer: PDF documents can be annotated using the following Adobe® features in GoFileRoom:

Adobe Feature


Notes Feature

You can type in notes specific to page.

Pencil Feature

You can use this feature to circle or mark figures.


Enables you to highlight questionable figures.

Tick marks/Stamp

You can use this feature to indicate approved or completed items.

Comment Feature

You will be allowed to see listings of annotations in documents. This is useful for jumping to a specific annotation.

Note: GoFileRoom offers extensive Adobe Online Review training.

Question: Are annotations permanent on the document?

Answer: Annotations are not permanent on a PDF document; they are a part of your file, but can be removed from the document. It is recommended that you use annotations when the comment needs to be part of the permanent file.

Before printing the document to paper, determine whether annotations are desired on the paper copy. Comments and annotations can be filtered out of the print job.

Note: You will be prompted to save annotations during closing of the document, or they will be automatically saved during synchronization in GoFileRoom. You are permitted to delete your own annotations.

Question: Where do I store review and permanent notes?

Answer: With FirmFlow, the notes tab may be used to store review and permanent notes. These notes can be maintained and marked as closed. When the workflow is routed to the completed step, it is recommended to have the Review Notes automatically deleted by GoFileRoom.

If you are not using FirmFlow, it is recommended to use a Word document to store review and permanent notes.

Question: How do I remove review and permanent notes?

Answer: If you are using FirmFlow, notes can be manually deleted from the notes tab by users with delete privileges, or FirmFlow may be configured to delete them automatically when the Workflow is marked completed or rolled forward.

If you are not using FirmFlow, the Word document (containing review and permanent notes) can be deleted upon completion of a Tax Return.

Note: The user must have delete privileges or route the document to an administrator for deletion.

Question: Can I turn off annotations when printing?

Answer: Yes, before selecting print, set the properties of the print dialogue box to only print the document. Annotations can be turned on or off during printing from the dropdown list in the print dialog box.

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Searching for Documents

Question: Why does the lookup list on the Search page not contain all of the Client Names and Client Numbers like the list on the Add page?

Answer: The lookup list on the Search page contains a list of only those clients who have documents stored under their Client Names. If a client does not have a document stored in GoFileRoom, the Client Name and Number will only exist on the lookup list of the Add page.

Question: What is a wildcard search? How do I use it?

Answer: An asterisk (*) can be used to perform a wildcard search. It can be used as a substitute for information that you do not know.

For example:

Search using...



All results.


All results starting with the letters 'sm'.


All results that end with 'th'.


All results that have 'mit' anywhere in the value.


Results such as 'smith' or 'smyth'.

Question: How do I use the full text search?

Answer: This is used to search for text contained within the document. A user can enter values in one or more index fields. In the Text Search area, a user can select the following query types from a drop down menu:

Query Type



This will search for all words/phrases entered in the text field.


This will search for either (or all) of the words/phrases entered in the text fields.


This will search for one particular word/phrase entered in the text field.

Note: A drawer must be configured for Text Searching before this feature can be used. For faster Text Searches, several indexes should be used.

Using wildcard (*) is prohibited with Text Searching.

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Question: Can scanners scan in duplex mode?

Answer: Most production level scanners are equipped with current technology to scan in duplex mode. Please refer to your scanner's user manual for duplex mode scanning capabilities. If you have questions regarding your scanner please contact our Support Team.

Question: How do I remove black borders from my scanned images?

Answer: Scanned images should not contain black borders. Black borders are generated by some scanner drivers. VRS image enhancement software called Virtual Rescan Software will remove these black borders from scanned images. Contact our Support team to verify that your scanner supports VRS technology.

Question: How do I ensure that all documents are scanned?

Answer: Following proper scanning procedures will ensure that all documents have been successfully scanned. It is recommended that you count pages prior to scanning so that you will have an accurate count of the physical pages of a document. Comparing the number of physical pages to the page count displayed in the scanning software (e.g. ScanFlow) will ensure that all pages have been scanned.

Note: It is also recommended that you maintain a count of the documents scanned.

Question: What is the recommended workspace configuration for scan stations?

Answer: Scanner workspace should have desk space available on either side of the scanner. One side should be used for prepping of documents prior to scanning. The other side should be used for post-scanning grouping of documents. Place a scanning inbox (and outbox) near the scan station to drop off documents to be scanned.

Question: Can I scan using multi-functional devices such as the Canon® Image Runner?

Answer: Multi-purpose scanner devices are good for backup scanning capacity or 'one-off' scanning; however, a dedicated high-speed scanner will achieve optimal results for batch scanning. You can use our CopyFlow software, which allows you to use a multi-purpose scanner to scan an organized bar-coded document one at a time. The software will automatically upload the document to GoFileRoom.

Note: Quality control is performed post-upload to GoFileRoom.

Question: Do I need to barcode all documents for scanning?

Answer: Barcodes are only required for capturing paper documents in a centralized batch scanning process. Knowledge workers should index documents and create Barcode Cover pages for scanning. ScanFlow, the scanning software (operated by a Scan Operator), reads the barcode and files the documents correctly in GoFileRoom. It is most efficient to use Barcode Cover pages with centralized scanning procedures.

Question: What are the recommended scanner settings?

Answer: GoFileRoom recommends:

  • Without VRS: 240 - 300 dpi
  • With VRS: 240 dpi
  • Portrait
  • Set paper size for the largest size your scanner is capable of handling (e.g. legal)—ensure auto page orientation is selected
  • Black and white

Question: Do I need to scan legal and landscape pages separately?

Answer: Most production level scanners are equipped with current technology to auto-detect and capture multiple page lengths. Please refer to your scanner's user manual for auto page length detection capabilities. If you have questions regarding your scanner please contact our Support Team.

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System Administration

Question: How often does the system force new passwords?

Answer: Your GoFileRoom systems administrators can set policies to enforce system password changes. When the security policy is configured in GoFileRoom, the system will automatically prompt users to change their password. We recommend resetting passwords every 30 days.

Question: How do I restore a disabled user account?

Answer: To restore a disabled account in GoFileRoom you must be a member of the Administrator group or have Manage Users/Group permission given to you.

  • From the main FileRoom page, select Administration, then Manage Users & Groups, and click on Users
  • Deselect the Active checkbox to get the list of inactive users
  • Select the User from the drop down list
  • Deselect the Disable User/Comments checkbox of the user you want to restore from the list
  • Enter a new 'temporary' Password for the user, then re-enter in the Verify Password field
  • Select the User Must Change Password at Next Logon checkbox
  • Click the Save button at the bottom of the page

Question: Should I apply security rules at a group or user level?

Answer: Determining your security level in GoFileRoom depends on whether you want to give security to a user or to a group. It is recommended to use group-level security to minimize the number of security profiles to manage.

Question: Can I make certain documents read-only?

Answer: You can configure group/user security rules for 'read-only' access to documents based on specific index values or Archive the document.

Question: What rights do the system groups have in GoFileRoom?

Scan Operator: Users belonging to this group will have access to the Document Tracking report. They will be able to print out barcodes generated by every user in the firm.

Administrator: Users belonging to this group will have access to the Administration module in GoFileRoom.

Records Manager: Users belonging to this group will have access to the Manage RecordsFlow tab within the Administration module. This permits the user to manage the Recycle Bin and the firm's Purge and Archive Policies.

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