Creating electronic or internet files for payroll tax payment forms

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For payroll compliance (annually licensed)

To create electronic or internet files for payroll tax payment forms, a number of setup steps and procedures are required.

Note: This procedure applies only to Payment type payroll tax forms. For payroll tax reconciliation forms that include payment, see Creating payroll tax reconciliation forms that include payment.

Setup and verification

The following steps cover the initial setup and verification of information required prior to creating payroll tax payment electronic or internet files for your client.

  1. Choose Setup > Vendors.
  2. In the Payment Preferences section of the Main tab, verify that a valid bank account is selected in the Bank Account field.
  3. In the Method field, choose either Electronic or Internet, as appropriate for this vendor.
  4. Click Enter to save the vendor information.
  5. Choose Setup > Bank Accounts.
  6. In the Identification section of the Main tab, enter the bank account holder name in the Account holder name field.
  7. Click Enter to save the bank account information.

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Processing and printing

When your vendor and bank account information has been set up and verified and you are ready to process your payment files, follow these steps.

  1. Enter your payroll checks as usual.
  2. Choose File > Print Checks to print your payroll checks and create the liabilities.
  3. Click the Liabilities tab. Mark the checkboxes next to the liabilities you want to pay - they will have a payment method of either Electronic or Internet - and click the Print Selected button to queue the files.
  4. Choose Actions > Process Electronic Forms or Actions > Process Internet/Magnetic Files, as appropriate.
  5. Mark the checkboxes for the files you want to create and click the Transmit Forms button (for electronic forms) or the Create Files button (for internet files).
  6. Once the files have been created, you can click the Manage Electronic Forms button to open the Manage Electronic Forms dialog to preview electronic files or click the Manage Files button to open the Manage Files dialog to preview or modify internet files.

Note: After you have transmitted payment (for electronic forms) or after you have uploaded the file (for internet files), the payment cannot be modified or canceled within Accounting CS.

See also: Processing electronic forms or Processing internet and magnetic files (for filing methods other than paper or pre-printed)

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