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The Process Client Forms dialog allows you to select and preview/print payroll tax reconciliation forms and payroll tax payment forms (for check payments) for the currently selected client in the Actions > Edit Payroll Tax Forms screen. In addition, you can preview and print payroll tax form diagnostic errors for selected forms before or during the printing process.

Note: If you are processing any electronic or internet/magnetic files, be sure to mark the Filing copy checkbox in the Print dialog to queue the files and make them available for processing in the Actions > Process Electronic Files screen or the Actions > Process Internet/Magnetic Files screen.

Choose Actions > Edit Payroll Tax Forms, select the form type and filter information as needed, and then click the Process Client Forms Process client forms button button.

Fields & buttons

In the Print Forms grid, mark the checkboxes next to the forms you want to print. To print all forms for the client, mark the checkbox next to the client name.

You can override the client-level setting for the filing method by choosing another method in the Filing Method field. The selections available in the drop-down list depend on the filing methods allowed for the jurisdiction of each form.

You can override the client-level setting for printing filing instructions for a form by changing the selection in the Filing Instruction drop-down list for that form. This will not affect the client-level setting in the Payroll Taxes tab of the Clients screen.

Click this button to open the Form Diagnostics dialog, which displays critical and informational diagnostics specific to the filing method specified for each selected form. For more information about viewing and printing diagnostic information for payroll tax forms, please refer to the Previewing and printing diagnostics for payroll tax forms topic.

Note: You can view the Form Diagnostics dialog during the form printing process. If the application encounters critical errors for any of the selected forms, the Form Diagnostics dialog displays only critical errors (errors that will prevent the forms from printing) when you click the Process Selected button.

To review differences between tax amounts and liability amounts and create liability adjustments for forms, click this button to open the Process Liability Adjustments dialog.

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