Overview of advanced security options

Alerts and notices

You can use advanced security options to control access to specific areas of FileCabinet CS. For information on setting standard security options, see Setting standard security options.

To enable advanced security options, mark the Enable advanced User/Group Security checkbox in the Security tab of the System Configuration dialog.

With advanced security options enabled, you can assign FileCabinet CS users to groups for which you can allow or deny access to certain areas of FileCabinet CS. You can add users to predefined groups, or groups that you have created. You can also add users to groups manually, or import users from your firm's domain controller if your firm uses a Windows network operating system.

A computer in your firm that manages user access to the network, including logging on and authentication, and access to the active directory and shared resources.

Note: By default, all unknown users are assigned to the $Guests group using their network user ID. You can also configure FileCabinet CS to assign unknown users to another group.

Application-defined user groups

The following groups are pre-defined by FileCabinet CS.

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