Clients setup overview

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In the Clients screen, enter information that your firm uses to track and bill the services you perform for your clients, such as client ID information, contacts, billing options, and engagements. You can also select client groupings for reporting and analysis.

Note: The Clients screen is a user-defined terminology screen. Your firm may refer to this screen by a different name. To view the default names for user-defined items, choose Help > Enable Default Terminology (or press CTRL+SHIFT+H).

To open the Clients setup screen, choose Setup > Clients.

Clients selection list

Click a name in the Clients selection list to open that client’s records. To search for specific clients or client information, or to narrow down the list of clients, use the Search and Filter fields at the top of the screen.

  • Click the Down arrow Blue down arrow button in the Search field to specify your search criteria. You can use the search feature to restrict your search to specific fields and choose from a variety of search methods.
  • Select a filter from the Filter field, or click the More Ellipse button and create a filter using criteria that you specify.

Main tab

Use this tab to enter client identification information and to assign the client to groupings.

  • The ID and Description fields are required fields.
  • Several fields on this tab are used for data sharing with other applications.
  • If you are licensed for the Client Management module, this tab includes a Client retention information section to track information on clients your firm has won and lost. You must set up client retention descriptions for some of these fields.

Contact Info tab

Use this tab to add the client’s contact information and any additional contacts the client may have.

Engagements tab

Use this tab to add or modify engagements for the selected client.

Note: Engagements that appear in this tab are set up in the Engagement Templates screen (Setup > Templates > Engagements).

Projects tab

Use this tab to add and update client project information.


  • This tab is available only if you are licensed for the Project Management module.
  • Projects that appear in this tab are set up in the Project Templates screen (Setup > Templates > Projects).

Billing and A/R tab

Use this tab to set up a client’s billing options. You can specify the client’s default invoice and statement formats, select the number of days before the client’s invoices are due, choose whether to assess service charges for this client, and specify a billing contact and additional recipients of invoices and statements.

There is also a Billing instructions text field to enter relevant information about billing this client.

Note: Formats that appear in this tab are created in Setup > Custom Formats. The default invoice format comes from your selection in the Firm setup screen (Setup > Firm).

Links tab

Use the Links tab to add links to files, websites, or documents outside of Practice CS, including documents stored in FileCabinet CS or GoFileRoom.

Custom Fields tab

Use the Custom Fields tab to view all of the custom fields you have created for the Clients setup screen, which can be checkboxes, dates, lists, numeric fields, staff lists, or text-entry fields. Custom fields for dates have a drop-down calendar. Numeric custom fields have a drop-down calculator. See Custom fields overview for more information.

Notes tab

Use the Notes tab to enter any other information you want to track for this client. This tab can also share client notes with FileCabinet CS, Fixed Assets CS, and UltraTax CS, if you are licensed for these applications and have data sharing enabled.

History tab

Use the History tab to view change history for the client record, which provides an audit trail for administrative purposes. This tab appears only for staff who have security privileges to view history.

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