Onvio Documents Folder Mapping dialog

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You can print documents such as reports, financial statements, letters, checks, invoices, and forms from Accounting CS to Onvio Documents, part of the Thomson Reuters web-based Onvio application. Use the Onvio Documents Folder Mapping dialog to create custom folder structures for different document type categories in preparation for printing documents for your firm or clients from Accounting CS to Onvio Documents.

Note: You must be licensed for Onvio to be able to print documents from Accounting CS to Onvio Documents.

Choose Setup > Onvio Documents > Folder Mapping.

Tabs in this dialog

The following tabs are available in the Onvio Documents Folder Mapping dialog. Each tab corresponds to the category for the document types that you are mapping to Onvio Documents.

For example, various accounting-based checks and reports will use the Accounting tab, while various payroll-based checks and reports will use the Payroll tab.

Note: If multiple checks are included in a single print job as one document (for the same client, bank account, check type, and check date combination), the first check determines which tab is used here. For example, if you have checks on the Vendor/Payee tab of the File > Print Checks screen going to a 1099 Recipient, Payroll Agent, and Trade vendor, then the first check based on the designated sort order will determine the category, because all of the vendor checks are batched into a single print job. Similarly, if multiple reports, financial statements, and/or letters are included in a single print job as one document, the first report, financial statement, or letter will determine which tab is used here.

Document Category Details
Accounting Includes accounting reports, letters, deposit slips, payee checks, Trade vendor checks, and Firm vendor checks.
Accounts Payable Includes accounts payable reports and checks.
Accounts Receivable Includes accounts receivable invoices and statements.
Payroll Includes payroll reports, payroll checks, billing invoices, 1099 Recipient checks, Firm vendor checks (for payroll liabilities), Tax Agent checks, and Payroll Agent checks.
Payroll Tax Forms Includes payroll tax forms.
Financial Statements Includes financial statements.
Workpapers Includes workpapers reports and engagement binders.
Firm Includes firm-level reports and documents.

Fields & buttons

The following columns and fields are available in each of the tabs listed above.

This column, which is read-only, shows the Onvio folder levels (Level 1 Name, Level 2 Name, etc.) that will make up the overall folder structure in Onvio Documents.

Selecting either the Text or Variable value type determines what is available in the Value field for that row's folder level.

  • Text: When selected, the Value field allows you to type any text (up to 150 characters) in the text box.
  • Variable: When selected, the Value field contains variables in the drop-down list.

The Value field is a text box or a drop-down list, depending on the Value Type you have selected. If you select Text as the value type, you can type any text (up to 50 characters). If you select Variable as the value type, you can select a variable from the drop-down list. By default, the level 1 folder value is set to the Category name variable (which corresponds to the document category) and the level 2 folder value is set to the Document date variable.

If the value you have selected is a date variable (such as Document date or Current month end date), select a date format from the drop-down list (for example, M/d/yyyy).

Use the Delete button to remove a folder level and use the Add button to add the next folder level.

Mark this checkbox to display the Onvio Documents Folder Mapping dialog when you choose to print documents to Onvio Documents via the Print dialog. This allows you to verify or update the values for the folder names and the document name at the time of printing to Onvio Documents.