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Located at the top of your screen, the Practice CS toolbar is comprised of buttons that you can click to quickly navigate to various screens and dashboards or to perform common tasks in Practice CS. If you are working in Practice CS and can’t remember what a toolbar button does, simply hover the mouse pointer over the button to display a short on-screen description of the button.

Button Description


Returns to the previous screen you viewed. This button is not available until you navigate away from the screen that displays when you open Practice CS.



Navigates forward to a previously viewed screen. This button is active only when you use the Back button to navigate back to a previously viewed screen.



Keyboard: F5

Refreshes the current screen, including data.

Home button

Home Dashboard

Opens the Home Dashboard.

Office building icon

Firm Dashboard

Opens the Firm Dashboard.

One person

Staff Dashboard

Opens the Staff Dashboard.

Two people

Client Dashboard

Opens the Client Dashboard.

Yellow star

Favorite Screen

Opens the Favorite Screen that you selected on the System tab of the User Preferences dialog.



Click the arrow to open a drop-down menu with commands for synchronizing Data Sharing and/or Outlook Contacts.


Green down arrow over a clock

Update Remote Entry Firm

Updates your existing remote entry firm.


  • Before you update your remote entry firm, verify that you have transmitted all entries. The update process removes all existing data from the remote entry firm.
  • This button appears on the toolbar only if you have already created a remote entry firm.
Red plug

CS Connect

Opens CS Connect.

FileCabinet CS

FileCabinet CS

Opens FileCabinet CS.

Note: This button appears on the toolbar only if your firm is licensed for FileCabinet CS.

Muisc note and Add


This button is available if you are licensed for the Project Management, Client Management, or Staff Management modules.

Click the arrow to open a drop-down menu that provides additional commands, enabling you to add the following items:

Any of the three modules allow you to add Outlook Email, Outlook Appointment, and Outlook Task items.

Click the button itself to add a new interaction of the same type as the last interaction you added.

Note: The icon on the Add button changes to match the type of interaction you last entered. Pictured above is a Note interaction. If you click the button when the Note icon is displayed, Practice CS will open the Note dialog.

Magnafying glass

Search Search

The Search field and button enable you to search for answers in the Help & How-To Center directly from the Practice CS toolbar. Type your search terms and press ENTER or click the button.

White question mark over a blue circle


Opens the Practice CS Help & How-To Center. Click this button to open a drop-down menu of additional topics related to the current screen. Select a menu item to view the corresponding topic in your browser.

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