CS Professional Suite


Cloud Data Storage Tips

Maximizing Storage and Efficiency

Here are two steps you can take to make the most of your firm's 4 GB/4,096 MB (effective November 1, 2012) per-profile (SaaS profile or Virtual Office CS seat) storage allotment and ensure that you're operating efficiently in our cloud environment.

Review the Minimizing Disk Space Usage PDF

We recommend taking a look at the Minimizing Disk Space Usage for Virtual Office CS Applications PDF (also applicable for SaaS users), which is also available in the NetStaff CS help and in our Knowledgebase (search on case # K21218610).

This PDF includes helpful information about:

  • Maintaining data in Client Bookkeeping Solution and hosted Client Bookkeeping Solution; CS Professional Suite Accounting, Fixed Assets CS, FileCabinet CS, UltraTax CS, and Microsoft® Outlook®.
  • How to archive information.
  • How to compact databases for more efficient use of space.
  • Other helpful tips to help you manage your data.

Perform a Check-up on Your Computers

Once you've reviewed the PDF about minimizing disk space usage, we recommend that you check the computers that staff use to log in to access SaaS or Virtual Office CS.

We've determined that the Citrix® ICA Client version 14.1 works best for accessing, printing from, and scanning into our applications. Follow these steps to verify which version of the ICA client is installed on a computer.

  1. Open any application through Virtual Office CS or SaaS.
  2. Right-click the ICA Connection Center icon in the system tray, which is on the Windows taskbar.
  3. Choose Open Connection Center.
  4. Click the Properties button to open the Client Connection Status dialog and view the version number to verify that version 14.1 is installed.