Custom tax agents and missing payroll tax forms

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The Tax Agents screen contains, by default, information for all federal and state tax agents and some local tax agents that can be used by the firm's clients. You can add tax agents for local withholding only, and only tax agents that have been added manually can be deleted from the Tax Agents screen.

Note: It is important to avoid creating a tax agent that is already represented in the system. You should create a custom tax agent only in cases where Accounting CS does not have a particular payroll tax form and does not have the corresponding tax agent.

Generally, if the form is available in the application, the corresponding tax agent will also be in the system. If you link a custom tax agent (that is set up to replace an existing agent) to a client, the payroll tax forms that correspond to the original tax agent will not be available for the client in the Actions > Edit Payroll Tax Forms screen or the Actions > Process Payroll Tax Forms screen.


By default, Accounting CS has a Pennsylvania local tax agent for the Lancaster County Tax Collection Bureau. Many jurisdictions in the Lancaster County area remit city and school district withholdings to this agent, and Accounting CS includes the remittance tax forms.

If a custom tax agent is created for any of the city or school district taxes within this jurisdiction, and the new agent is selected in the Taxes section of the Setup > Clients > Payroll Taxes tab, for the corresponding local taxes, the remittance forms will not be available for the client in the Edit or Process Payroll Tax Forms screens. The local taxes will calculate on the payroll checks, even if the forms are not listed.

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