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Use the Edit Multiple Transactions dialog to modify or delete multiple transactions at the same time, instead of taking this action on individual transactions, to help increase workflow efficiency.

You may find this feature to be useful in cases where, for example, the wrong client was selected for adjusting journal entries, and you need to delete them from the client data. Or it may be helpful in cases where the wrong posting period or journal was used for a series of journal entries, and you need to correct all of the entries.

Note: You cannot delete or edit any transactions that have been posted to a prior fiscal year or to a closed posting period of the current fiscal year. You must first change the client’s posting period to move back to the appropriate fiscal year or to reopen the closed posting periods.

Choose Actions > Enter Transactions and click the Edit Multiple Transactions link.

Fields & buttons

Select the action to perform on the transactions. The option you select in the Action field affects the fields that are displayed in this section.

  • Select Delete to delete the selected transactions from the client data.
  • Select Edit to select a different posting period or journal for the selected transactions. Select the item to modify from the Fields to edit field, and then select the new value from the New field value field.
  • Filtering fields. To filter the list of transactions in the Transactions grid, select the field by which to filter the list from the drop-down list above the Transactions grid.
  • Transactions grid. The grid includes all transactions that are eligible for the action selected in the Action field and that meet the filtering options selected in the Filtering fields. Mark the checkbox for each transaction on which to perform the action, and then click OK. You can right-click in the grid to select or deselect all transactions at one time.

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